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Strategic Relationships

    Myrias team members are strong believers in the value of solid corporate relationships. We know that just as each individual adds certain skills to the Myrias team's portfolio, so does each corporate entity add value to a much larger team.

    Myrias has worked with IBM since 1994 in a variety of cooperative roles. These include joint marketing and tradeshow efforts, custom development projects, and contract application porting and benchmarking.

    Sun Microsystems
    Myrias has provided services to Sun in High Performance Computing (HPC) areas. Myrias has filled joint development, benchmarking, and contract services roles for Sun.

    Sequiter Software
    In addition to providing contract services to Sequiter, Myrias is closely tied to Sequiter in other areas as well. Myrias team members are able to make use of Sequiter's extensive database development experience.

    So What?
    What does this mean to you? It means that we have a proven track record, and are able to meet your needs. The support of large companies such as Sun and IBM means that we are better able to pass on some of that support to you. In all cases, we are able to bring our expertise and knowledge to the table in order to meet a company's needs.

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