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Database Systems

    Our experience
    Myrias employs a full team of staff members highly specialized in developing database systems specifically tailored to our clients' needs. We have experience in a full range of database systems including OLE DB. Myrias can not only help build a custom data source for your company, we can open up your data to an ever expanding library of OLE DB tools and services.

    By utilizing and adapting the many data access tools we have already developed, Myrias staff can custom build an OLE DB provider for your data quickly and cheaply. In addition to our own knowledge and utilities, Myrias' close working relationship with Sequiter Software gives us immediate access to the many OLE DB tools Sequiter has developed as part of their award-winning Codebase database management system.

    If you are already using OLE DB, Myrias consultants would be happy to help you to improve and optimize your software for maximum performance and efficiency. We can also help train your staff and programmers in how best to utilize their existing tools and get the greatest benefit from the data they have at their fingertips.

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