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Myrias JDBC Driver

Extreme JDBC Speed

Get extreme JDBC performance using your existing database.

The Myrias JDBC drivers offer exceptional performance. How? We do this by writing performance critical portions of the driver in C/C++ which typically doubles the overall performance of the JDBC driver. Also, the Myrias JDBC drivers are typically customized to optimize specific SQL which is causing performance issues. Consequently, we recommend using the Myrias JDBC drivers in conjunction with your regular JDBC driver.

Myris JDBC comes with full source code and royalty free distribution. The cost of Myrias JDBC is US$295.00.

Fill out and submit the following form and we will send you an estimate of the expected performance improvement for the query you want to speed up:

Myrias JDBC Optimization Form

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If you require general assistance with JDBC, SQL, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, database development or design, please contact Myrias Consulting Services.

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