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Process Consulting

    The word "process" is almost a cliche. To us, it means the methods and strategies you use to get a quality product ready for delivery. Myrias has developed (from scratch) in-house projects ranging from 20,000 to 500,000 lines of code. We have experience working with large codebases, some with over 7 million lines.

    Often times it is harder to increase the scalability of your process and organization than it is to scale the code. This is where Myrias can help.

    Project Management
    Our project management services include definition, planning, and execution of projects ranging from development of computing platforms, to technology implementations, and to custom software programming.

    Application Enhancement and Support
    Our services provide the infrastructure and staff required to move applications to network centered and/or multiprocessor environments. Our testing and QA solutions are second to none. We can squeeze the maximum performance our of your application. And we can solve the technical distribution and licensing problems your software may have.

    Knowledge Transfer
    Our team members have a high level of expertise in many different areas. If you simply need someone to look over your shoulder every now and then, or need a more classroom-style talk on a particular technology or topic, contact us. Many of our team members have teaching experience at the university/college level, and are able to share their experience.

    Further Functions
    Sometimes it is necessary...

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