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Software Quality Control

    Too often, software development houses neglect the importance of proper quality control throughout the development process. We at Myrias believe quality control starts not after the software has been "written", but in the implementation phase itself. Myrias has an extensive track record of building and aiding in the construction of top-quality software.

    Why is quality so important?
    The quality of software has a direct relationship on the balance sheet. High quality means lower tech support costs, higher customer satisfaction, and higher sales. But perhaps the cost of not doing any quality assurance is what can break a product or a business. At Myrias, we know that a small investment in quality control can reap huge rewards down the road.

    Today, Myrias offers a variety of services relating to quality control, ranging from aiding developers to setup in-house quality control processes to black box application testing.

    • Development of in-house quality control solutions, including automated testing environments, measuring and reducing defects in code.
    • Custom testing tools and "shrink-wrapped" test solutions.
    • Software testing of both components and complete products, black-box or white-box testing, coverage analysis, touch tests, and stress tests.
    • Defect tracking software and processes, and defect re-creation methodologies.

    Myrias has the tools and expertise to either completely test an almost-finished product, or to guide you from stage 1 to create your own quality control environment.

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