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Web Applications

    It makes sense for certain types of applications to be implemented via a web interface. What are the benefits of a web interface for your application?

    • cross-platform compatibility --any computer that runs a browser can access the application.
    • remote accessibility --across your private network or across the world.

    Does this mean that you should automatically turn your application into a web application? Of course not. Like anything else, you must do the risk analysis, weighing the costs against the potential benefits.

    But if you need to deliver up-to-date information, or receive responses from your customers, then a web-integrated application makes a lot of sense. Myrias has experience working with the internet technologies that make it easy to build robust and maintainable web applications.

    We have built internet software using tools from the combination of Microsoft IIS with ASP and ADO/ODBC for database access, to using Apache, mod_perl and DBI on Linux. We often use VBScript or JavaScript, even ActiveX or pure Java where it is appropriate. Our experience means that we are not tied to one particular technology or platform, but can instead recommend the best solution for your needs.

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