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    The technical team here at Myrias is proud of their accomplishments. The team has logged a number of remarkable successes, from developing high-performance parallelism tools, to working on large, legacy applications.

    "IBM's demands have been extreme - the Myrias team has always delivered"
    Dr. David Klepacki
    Assistant Director
    Advanced Computing Technology Center
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
    "We hired Myrias for our R&D because of their broad understanding and problem solving - they are not limited to specific technology areas."
    Dan Wilson
    Vice President
    Precise Systems Corp

    Team members know, from a technical point of view, that nothing is impossible. We are delighted to be presented with problems that are hard to solve. Solutions are possible only by using the strengths of each individual on the team to accomplish what would otherwise not be possible.

    "I am able to place the Myrias technical team up against the best in the world, and be confident that they will not only cope, but thrive!"
    Wayne T. Karpoff
    Myrias Software Corporation

    Reference Applications:
    Previous and current clients include companies such as Algorithmics, CSAR, IBM, SVR, Telus, and SUN Microsystems, working on applications such as:

    • Electronic Design Automation - Chip place and route, plotting, system verification
    • Financial Risk Analysis
    • Oil and gas seismic processing - pre-stack depth migration
    • MCAD - Nastran
    • Scheduling Optimization
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